Our equipment fits most bottles. To ensure our equipment will work with your packaging, we may ask for bottle drawings, measurements and samples.  We rent commercial equipment for commercial winemaking.    

  • Simple and straightforward operation
  • We will review the operation with you if needed.
  • We encourage you to reserve your dates in advance.
  • We deliver the day prior to bottling and pickup the day after.  The number of bottling days will be determined when making your reservation.

Bottle Fillers

GAI 600 - 12 spout rotary filler & corker w/vacuum. 65-75 cases per/hour
2 hours set-up & training included
$450/day or $1600/week
MORI - 6 spout filler (750ml, 1.5L, 3L, 6L) 40-50 cases per/hour
$150/day o r$325/week

Filters for Bottling

Single Membrane Filter Housing
$30/day or $80/week

Foil Spinners

750ml, table-top (110v) - $35/day or $150/week

Screw Capper / Crown Capper

30mm X 60mm Screw Caps
$175/day or $600/week


Pressure sensitive Front & Back same roll. Wind configuration #3
$100/day or $250/week

Bottling Services

Set up in Woodinville $100
Set up in greater Seattle area $200
$3.00/case with $600 minimum charge